SA fights social media racism

Government plans to remedy racial social media posts

The SA government is planning to criminalise the use of racial remarks on social sites like Facebook and Twitter after more racial posts were seen close to Human Rights day last week. This area of concern raised by the government is that these racists posts can incite social tension within communities.

Twitter's IPO Filing Implies $12.8 Billion Value Amid Growth
     Twitter mentioned as one of the social media platforms that government is monitoring for racially sensitive posts          Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images


Citizen involvement crucial in fighting racism

The public is encouraged to become more proactive in neutralising racism, within the boundaries of the law.

President Jacob Zuma said, “the ideology of racism remains firmly entrenched among some in our population, and it represents one of the most despicable human rights violations.”

The South African human rights commission (SAHRC), the equality courts and the police will help any citizens who are victims of racism.

Citizens are reminded by the government that they will be held liable for what they post or tweet and it will result in consequences.

Here are two racial social media posts below:



Government issues stern warning to citizens

The Acting GCIS Director General, Donald Liphoko, said; “…. Government will actively pursue offenders through all available mechanisms including confronting employers and will not allow incidents of racism to define us as a country. Those found guilty of racist utterances and acts must face the consequences of their actions…. ”

In the regard, the Department of Justice is working on two measures to strengthen their fight against racism and related intolerances. They include finalising the National action plan against racism and related intolerances and also the enactment of the prevention and combating of hate crimes and hate speech Bill which will criminalise hate crimes and hate speech.

It’s to ensure that all South Africans living within the country are promoting social cohesion and a peaceful co-existence.

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The impact of South African journalists wearing party political regalia


According to the new constitution of South Africa, every citizen has the right to the freedom of association. The biggest dilemma facing aspiring journalist is whether that freedom of association affects their profession. If a journalist is wearing political party regalia or is a card carrying member, would their journalistic values be compromised? A good way to determine this is to weigh journalists wearing political regalia versus the Press code and ethics.


Journalism profession

According to Moshoeshoe Monare Moshoeshoe Monare, the former deputy editor of the Mail and Guardian, he said on AMlive, “If you are going to openly nail your colours to a particular political party by wearing its regalia, how then do you expect other parties to relate to you? For example, if you openly support the DA or the EFF, how do you expect the ANC to treat you?” In the journalism profession, public opinion means a lot. The Press code is followed by the journalist to provide a guideline of what is acceptable or unacceptable in their profession. So what makes a good journalist is to weigh journalistic values, which include accuracy, impartiality, balance, independence, fair dealing and acting in the public interest against the press code.


In the following case study of journalists wearing political colours, it provides a few challenges. In an article by the Mail and Guardian, there is a picture of the Independent group editor, Karima Brown and her associate Vukani Mde, who is the editor of opinion analyses wearing the colours of the ANC at their 103-year birthday celebration in Cape Town last year.

politicalIndependent Newpapers’group executive editor Karima Brown and editor of opinion and analysis,Vukani Mde, decked out in ANC- branded clothing              (Facebook)


The above picture symbolises two things, one is their right to freedom of association which is their right according to the law. The second thing is that it clashes with their journalistic value of independence. According to Vukani Mde, in an article in the Daily Maverick, he said, “I do and say and wear what I like. I go where I like. I write what I like. I write truth to power, both the overt political kind exercised by the ANC and others….” So it is determined that he is wearing the colours of the ANC in his spare time, which does not impact on his ability to be a top-class journalist.

A counter argument is at what point do you stop being journalists? The reality is that being a journalist in the digital age has changed everything. Through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram you are a journalist after hours. You have competing journalists, celebrities, business people and members of the public following you. So a journalist is in the public eye whether they are in their spare time or working hours.


According to the Press council’s code of ethics, in section 2.1. , it says media shall not allow commercial, political, personal or other non-professional considerations to influence or slant reporting. Conflicts of interest must be avoided, as well as arrangements or practices that could lead audiences to doubt the media’s independence and professionalism. The dilemma in relation to the above point is a golden mean ethical issue, where journalists are faced with two extremes. On one hand they are wearing the colours but it is not influencing their work performance and on the other hand, they are wearing the colours in their spare time which doubt their independence. The middle ground would be that they disclose that they are ANC members or they make a public apology about the confusion that was caused. So this is quite an ethical dilemma faced by the journalists.


Challenge to profession

Wearing political colours can provide the journalist with ethical decisions in their profession.Judeo-Christian ethics is deontological and it can influence your decision making. According to Tamara Christine Van Hooser of People of our everyday life, she says, “…it addresses issues of civil obedience, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and peaceful interpersonal relations. It does not require you to follow a religion, they only guidelines to follow in the profession.


For example, if a journalist belongs to a particular political organisation and he/she is approached by a senior political representative. The representative asks the journalist to report favourable on the party in the build up to an election. Does he/she report good news which may be fabricated? Or does he/she report the truth which may not be favorable for the party but it is in the public interest. As a journalist, you risk your integrity being questioned and risk disciplinary action from the party you affiliated with. Those are the type of challenges a journalist’s face.


In this age, there is a need for journalists to wear a Veil of Ignorance in their profession. This is a deontological ethical principle. According to John Rawls, he says, “…the main distinguishing feature of the original position is the ‘veil of ignorance’ to ensure impartiality of judgement, the parties are deprived of all knowledge of their personal characteristic and social and historical circumstances.” So as a journalist you need to be independent and separate yourself from your culture, race, religion and economic situation and view your next story in the original position in that point of view.


For example, you’re an investigative reporter and you uncover high levels of corruption in the party you are affiliated with. Would it be possible to separate your feelings and concerns you have as a reporter if you are connected to the party? The right thing to do would be to serve the citizens with the truth as it’s in the public interest to know if elected officials are corrupt.



Citizens count on journalists for the truth and to hold people accountable for any unjust actions. Even though it can be extremely hard to obtain true objectivity, if the public thinks that you are compromised then you will not be trusted and every writing piece that you produce will be scrutinised. Therefore it should be in the best interest of journalists not to wear political regalia or be a card carrying member.

Rising food prices and unhealthy food affecting South African society

South Africa’s food supply is influenced by the climate and the effect of the economy. It means that South Africans will be paying more for food due to rising prices. In striving for a healthier society, the youth of today can easily be influenced by fast food which results in obesity.

It’s important to understand the price of a basket of goods to determine the magnitude of the problem faced. According to Pietermaritzburg Agency for community social action (PACSA), a basket of goods is basically a measurement of food prices in relation to the rising inflation levels. According to PACSA, it increased from approximately R1600  to R1900 per month. So what does this mean for South Africans?


Daily basket of goods at Pick ‘n Pay                                      Picture credit: Wesley Ford


In the above basket, it includes Sunflower oil, milk, bread, eggs, salt, sugar, baked beans, and cabbage. This is basically all the main food groups and it came to a price of R135. That is for the most basic food, it doesn’t even include fish, chicken or meat. So consumers would feel the pinch in the long term.

In Cape Town, the Phillipi Horticultural Area is one of the biggest farming areas in the Cape Flats.

Phillipi farmworkers                 Picture credit:Sustainablecities


According to the Cape Times, the City of Cape Town want to do housing developments within the farming area, which will affect farming. This cannot be tolerated by the DA government.Strong leadership is required by the mayoral committee to ensure that they do not impact the food supply in the city.


Modern society is influenced by a high level of unhealthy food. Professor Este Foster from the Nutrition Society of South Africa said, “It is generally known how difficult it is to change eating behaviour through trying to educate populations on healthy food choices.”

Waffles with Ice cream          Picture credit:Wesley Ford







Luxury goods                          Picture credit:Wesley Ford




In Grassy park ,Victoria road, Cape Town alone,there is a stretch of fast food companies.It’s no fault of them for selling fast food, though a lot of responsibility will be in creating awareness for the youth.


Gatsby at Bona Fast Food                         Picture



Indoctrinating the youth in schools and getting children to play outside as compared to sitting in the house playing with smartphones and computers could be a possible solution.

It’s essential for the government to create a stabile administration in order for the SA economy to grow in order to create cheaper food prices. It is not enough that the Department of health has all the information about the risk of diabetes, there has to be a system in place where the government can help informing healthier eating habits in communities.


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Reviewing Meersman- ‘Body of Work’ by Wesley Ford

Brent Meersman is a novelist, theater critic, food reviewer and travel reviewer, who take a direct approach in getting his message across. He has a column in the Mail and Guardian since 2003. He has a regular column with this is Africa and is the co-editor of

Image 1: Brent Meersman – This is Africa, picture credit

It would be interesting to understand the style he uses.

In his blog, ‘Once Bitten’, the article on ‘Looking back on 150 restaurants reviewed’, he takes a more personal approach. He does not have an about page, which would give the readers more information about him. This is a culinary blog, and his lede paragraph starts off with all his other exploits apart from the food reviews. This story has a lot of paragraphs and lacks structure. He makes a statement like, “Cape Town is without question the most sophisticated, diverse, food-conscious city in Africa.” He does not provide evidence to back that statement up. This story is so general; the use of photographs and in-text links would have helped to give readers a better understanding of the topic.

In his next story,‘The Chef’s table at Masala Dosa’  from his Once Bitten blog, he takes a more in-depth look at the restaurant. He does not introduce the readers to the story in his lede paragraph. The pictures used are effective in describing the meals being served, though it could have been better captioned to give the picture credit and the date. He does not speak about the overall atmosphere in the restaurant. He does not describe how the food tastes in detail. The meaning of a chef’s table would have been effective if it was explained to the readers.


Image 2: The main dish at Masala Dosa,buckwheat and red quinoa breyani with seasonal vegetables.Picture credit from the Once Bitten blog


In his story, ‘Why do so many Africans leave?’ is an interview article for ‘This is Africa’; magazine. Its lede paragraph opens effectively with a quote, which gives context to the story. The site has more information about Brent Meersman. The picture is effective in giving the readers an idea of the subject. He uses a lot of in-text links which would allow readers to find more information about the topic. There was an answer, where Mr. Bena, the subject, said that there are 5000 languages in Chad. A follow-up question to that statement would have been useful.

Chadian poet, novelist and essayist Nimrod Djangrang Bena, better known as Nimrod

Image 3: Nimrod Djangrang Bena, Interview subject of Mr. Meersman. picture credit by ,’This is Africa magazine.’

Brent Meersman is a diverse writer that will look to engage the reader’s senses. Look out for his novels like ‘Five lives at noon’ and ‘Primary Coloured.’

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The Mile of Roeland


Located 5 minutes way from the Central Business District(CBD), Roeland Street is situated closely to two Cape Town landmarks which include Parliament  and  the Castle of Goodhope.

Image courtesy of Google Maps

Roeland street is not as popular as other Cape Streets which are mainly Adderley Street and Long Street, though it does offer a unique experience for the local citizen or tourist passing by and discovering a different side to Cape Town.

Fire Service provider

Location, location, location is the old saying, as this Fire Department is at the top edge of Roeland street and is strategically located to attend to its duties. In Cape Town , especially during our hot summers, there is always a situation where there are mountain fires, which can cause alot of destruction, so it’s important that the fire brigade can find the quickest route to the mountain.

DSC_0019_1 (2).JPG

Cape Town Fire Department in Roeland Street, Cape Town        

Photograph: By Wesley Ford (23 February 2016)

The Crowning Glory

One of the major attractions of Roeland street, which is not really affordable, is the sight of the Ferrari Dealership that stands out with a stunning showroom and in most cases on a daily basis, you have a privilege of seeing a scarlet-red Ferrari driving in the street.

Viglietti Motors showroom in Roeland Street       Picture courtesy of Scuderra SA (PTY)

The above image is the one that really stands out for this street and it is a useful landmark aswel for anybody looking for Roeland street. As a student of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), which is located next to the dealership, it makes a person dream of driving a Ferrari someday when you finish your studies.

DSC_0005 (2)


Wesley standing next to a Ferrari at the Dealership in Roeland Street

Photograph: By Luke Folb ( 20 March 2015)


It is a end of a era for the dealership as all the vehicles of the showroom has been moved to a different location, however it will not stop the dreaming.


Viglietti motors in Roeland Street since the dealership has closed.

Photograph: By Wesley Ford (23 February 2016)


Roeland AKA “Fit Street”

Something that is really amzing about this street is the amount of fitness centres that are available which is totally different from your ordinary gym.

There is :

  • The Poleproject – It is pole dancing classes for extreme fitness,not pole dancing that most people would associate with stripclubs. According to Kathy Lee, the owner of the Poleproject, she says, “The Pole Project was thus born from a desire to teach others the passion and spirit of pole dance as an exciting way to explore the art of dance, and as a form of exercise to improve fitness, tone, strength and endurance.”
  • Roark Gyms – This is a crossfit gym that caters for separate male and female training to suit your bodily needs.
  • True Krav Maga – This facility offers training on another level, mostly specialised in combat training.
  • Fitness Factory – This is a facility that specialises in martial arts and personal training.


The Buying Service building in Roeland Street,Cape Town      

Photograph: By Wesley Ford ( 23 February 2016)

The above building is where most of all those training facilities are located, so if you are looking for a trully unique physical training experience that will push your body to it’s limits, Roeland street is the place to go.


Exercising the mind

If you are a young and eager person or even a older person looking to follow your dream of higher learning, Roeland Street is home to Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), which is a satellite campus situated approxiamately 400metres from the main campus. It specialises in Journalism, Photography and Public Relations. Further down the road there is CityVarsity, that specialises in all media and film related courses. So if your have future aspirations, check out what these institutions have to offer.


Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Roeland Street, Cape Town

Photograph: By Wesley Ford (23 February 2016)

DSC_0031_1 (2).JPG

City Varsity in Roeland Street, Cape Town

Photograph: By Wesley Ford (23 February 2016)


Parliament of South Africa

After taking a walk from the top of the street going downhill, you will make your way to the Parliament of South Africa, where the administration of South Africa takes place. There are many protests that takes place with the biggest one happening last year, known as the #Feesmustfall campaign, where thousands of students marched towards parliament last year October, to voice their disatisfaction with the rise in fees payments.



Parliament of South Africa on the edge of Roeland and Plein street, Cape Town

Photograph: By Wesley Ford (23 February 2016)

The above Picture shows Parliament on a normal day.

The below video from Youtube by Angel Blythe Campey gives an aerial view of the #Feesmustfall movement that takes place at Parliament, located at Plein and Roeland Street.

That was a moment that has incited change in the Higher learning process of South Africa and today it is still an ongoing process. It was a historical moment witnessed around the world.





Taking a stroll down Roeland Street, will open your mind to many possibilities that can capture your imagination.So even though it might not be considered the most glamorous street in Cape Town, it offers hope and encouragement and when you least expect it, something special may occur.

DSC_0026_1 (2)

View of Roeland Street from Plein Street, Cape Town

Photographer : By Wesley Ford





5 Funniest weddings in Adam Sandler movies


     Pictured: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is a talented comedic actor with over 40 movie credits. Seen that this is February and the month of love, with Valentines day, I will pay tribute to the rom coms that he appeared in and had the most funniest Wedding celebrations. Here are his movies that had interesting weddings

#5. The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

Pictured: Adam Sandler as Tommy aka White Knife

In this comedic western, he plays a man raised by a Native American tribe since he was a boy and he meets 5 of his half-brothers while trying to rescue his biological dad. It was alittle bit intense at the end, though the wedding scene really lights up the ending. He marries the love of his life in the tribe he crew up and all his half- siblings and even Mark Twain, played by Vanilla Ice makes a special appearance at the wedding and show the tribe some good dance moves.

#4. The Waterboy (1998)

Pictured: Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher and Fairuza Balk as Vicki Vallencort

This is a really fun sports comedy, with Adam Sandler playing the waterboy turned american football hero. After appearing at the final game to help the Mud Dogs win the college football. In the final scene of the movie he gets to marry Vicki and says ,”this is the best day of my life,”and Vicki says, “wait for tonight, then he asks why what is happening? Then Rob Schneider’s strange character who has being saying, “you can do it”the whole movie , tells him ,”you can do it all night long!” Was really a fun comedy to watch.

#3. I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry (2007)

Pictured from Left: Rob Schneider as Asian Minister, Kevin James as Larry and Adam Sandler as Chuck

This movie is extremely hilarious as Chuck and Larry are two straight New York city fireman, who after a near death experience, Larry ask Chuck if they could become domestic gay partners so that they can receive death benefits if anything happen to them. For the scheme to work they needed to have a gay marriage where it is legal in Canada and its completely hilarious. You have Rob Schneider as a funny asian priest and some strange quest, with one guy dancing like a ,”russian style” and when the priest ask Chuck and Larry to kiss, Chuck slaps Larry so hard on the cheek an says that how they like it. It was entertaining, where in the sense , it taught people to be accepting of each others sexual orientation.

#2. That’s my boy (2011)

Pictured from Left: Adam Sandler as Donny Burger and Andy Samburg as  Han Solo Burger

If ever there was a movie that reached shocking comedy levels by Adam Sandler , it was defnitely this one. He plays Donny who is desparately trying to stop his son, that despises him from marrying a women who partcipated in a incests sexual relationship with her brother. He with his friend Vanilla Ice,who plays a strange version of himself , race against time to make it to the wedding to object it. At this wedding all the dirty laundry comes out, like who slep with who and who was more shocking, in the end, he saved his son from a lifetime of unhappiness and they become close again.

#1. The Wedding Singer (1998)

From Left:Drew Barrymore as Julia Sullivan and Adam Sandler as Robbie Hart

This was Adam Sandler’s first wedding movie, and it had many weddings and lots of laughs and strange things happening at weddings. The movie opens with a band, with Robbie singing, then calling the best man played by Steve Buscemi up to make a speech , then he uses the speech to scold his father out and ruin things for his brother . It gets even better, Robbie ask his ban member, George, played by Alexis Arquette, who looks like the famous musician, Boy George to sing. After Robbie takes long, George ends up singing the same song over and over causing the crowd to get rowdy. This was really classic, Adam Sandler had a special chemistry with Drew Barrymore and they would go on to do 50 first dates(2004) and Blended(2014) together.

Below is the classic scene from Wedding Singer by Steve Buscemi:



There you have it when Adam Sandler participates in any weddings in his movies you know it is going to be fun and hilarious. Looking forward to what else he has in store for us.I hope this post could put a smile on the faces of everybody going through the highs and lows of the month of love.






Top 10 male comedic cameos in Movies for the past 20 years


The past year has been challenging time for South Africa, with challenges in education, the environment and the economy. The objective of this blog is to look on the brighter side of life and try and find the humour and main talking points in topics relating to sports and movies.Real sport and movie fans will totally get it and for everyone else it should provide some entertainment and laughter in trying times. Without further a due, here is my first movie blog.

Movies in focus

For the past 15 years, movies have evolved at a rapid pace with the release of the latest technology which includes Computer generated imagery(CGI),motion capture and the evolution of visual and special effects. It resulted in an era where there are more superhero movies, movies based on fantasy novels and many CGI animated movies. So with some major blockbusters coming this year in the form of Batman vs Superman, X-men:Apocolapse, Captain America-Civil War, Suicide Squad and Star Wars:Rogue One , comedy movies tend to be forgotten at times. With the releases of two comedies in the coming months which is Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising and Zoolander 2 , I would like to pay tribute to the top 10 comedic performances in movies. Cameos in movies are basically any actor/actress or famour person who appears in a movies, most of the time , less than five minute screen time.

Here are the following funniest male cameo appearances from 10 to 1 in my opinion.

#10. Michael Jackson- Men in Black 2(2002)

It was really fun that Michael Jackson was playing an employee working for the Men in Black (MIB) and he was promised for his goodwork by the MIB boss Zed played by Rip Thorn that he would become the first alien agent. The funniest part was when he was pleading with Zed after he got turned down that he can be “Agent M “, obviously M relating to his real name Michael.

#9. Mike Myers – Mystery Alsaska (1999)

Before becoming the voice of his most profitable role of the title character in the movie Shrek, Mike Myers became famous in the late 90’s for playing the role of the funny spy Austin, in the Austin Power series. In the movie Mystery Alaska in 1999, he played the role of a sports panelist,Donnie Shulzhoffer who is calling a hockey game between the New York Rangers and the local team from Alaska. What was really funny about the scene that he was completely dry in his role and it made absolutely no point to the plot of the movie

#8. Danny Trejo – Anchorman(2004)

Danny Trejo is normally known for his tough roles with his friend, director Robert Rodriquez and the majority of movies that he appeared in, had alot of violence and blood, though in Anchorman he plays the role of a bartender who tries and speaks some sense into Will Ferril’s character (Ron Burgundy) who is going through a slump at the time. What was hilarious was after he gives Ron a peptalk, Ron turns around and says, “I’m sorry did you say something, I don’t speak spanish.” It was hilarious in the sense that the character of Ron was shown to be so vain.

#7. Kevin Nealon- Just go with it (2011)


In the above picture on your left, that is Kevin Nealon’s character who appeared in the movie. On the above picture, that is how he looks in real life, incase nobody knows who he is. Anyway in Just go with it, he plays the friend of Adam Sandler’s character Danny, who plays a plastic surgeon, and his character was someone who took too much botox surgery from another plastic surgeon, and his main reason for it is, that he tells Danny, “I am just trying to stay in the game.” He was really funny in that role.

#6. Arnold Schwarzenegger- Around the World in 80 days(2004)

This movie was released in 2004, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s scenes were shot before he became “Governator”of Califonia for 8 years. In this movie, he plays Prince Hapi, from Turkey who plans to take Monique (Cecile de France)as his 7th wife, for each day of the week and Phileas Fogg ( Steven Coogan) and Passport 2( Jackie Chan) plans to save her. They do so by threating to break a statue of Prince Hapi, and he gives in. Schwarzenegger, known for playing a action mega star was quite hilarious as a egotistical prince playing a strange musical instrument.

#5. Vinnie Jones- Eurotrip (2004)

Vinnie Jones , known for his tough guy roles, got to play a comedic role, Mad Maynard as a “soccer hooligan”/ president of the Manchester United fanclub in their private bar which the lead protagonist walks into by accident. To avoid danger, the protagonist, claims they are Man United supporters from the USA, so Maynard tells them to sing the theme song otherwise they will get a beating, Scotty( Scot Thomas) sings the “morning train song” and just include Man United in it, and Maynard loves it and they have the most craziest party ever.

#4. Ken Jeong – Transformers : Dark of the Moon(2011)

Ken Jeong came to fame as the crazy “Leslie Chow” in the Hangover series.It was quite strange of him appearing in a Sci-fi blockbuster. He plays Jerry”Deep”Wang, who is a paranoid employee at the same company as Sam( Shia LaBeouf), the lead charater, and he has important information about the villians aka, the Decepticons, the way he meets Sam is hilarious, he pushes Sam into the bathroom and tries to tell him, what he must do, and he pulls the information out of his pants, he really stole the show in his short screen time spent.

#3. Vince Vaughn- Anchorman: The Legend continues (2013)

He plays Wes Mantooth, who was the “second best”newscaster in the first Anchorman. In the second Anchorman he appears exactly at the time when Ron (Will Ferril) and his news team is fleeing the scene from the crazy park fight and is cornered by Jack Lame ( James Marsden) who wants revenge on Ron and then , Wes Mantooth delivers the most “bad ass”line to Jack Lame. He saves Ron and threaten to blow up his bike after releasing fuel on the floar with his lighter and he tells Jack Lame, “You made one mistake today. You messed with somebody from San Diego.

Wes Mantooth: The greatest city in the history of the Earth.

Wes Mantooth: With the things I’ve done in my life, oh I know I’m going to burn in hell. So I sure as shit ain’t afraid to burn here on earth. ”
Ron Burgundy: Oh my goodness! That’s the most badass thing I’ve ever heard!

That is Legendary !!!

#2. Adam Sandler- The Hotchick (2002)

Adam Sandler ,funny for his cheesy one liners in his leading roles, got to play a funny cameo in his friend’s, Rob Schneider’s movie. He plays a stoned bongo drummer playing employee at an antique store that knows everything about what they have in it.In one scene, he explains to a group of girls what  Robben Island is all about, after they find a model of it, and he ends his explanation, by telling them, where on the model they can stow their weed. It was so funny in the sense he was so calm and relaxed without really trying to over act.

#1. Will Ferrell – Wedding Crashers (2005)

If there is another funny cameo that I have missed, it would take some beating , to beat this scene. Will Ferrell is the champion, this scene is so hard to describe how funny it is, you need to see it, in the below youtube video you will see Will, playing a character Chazz, who is the original Lothario who give Owen Wilson’s character some strange advice.

That video shows how brilliant Will Ferrel is as a comedian.



Sometimes not all comedies are funny, though sometimes it takes a brilliant cameo to make that movie memorable.